Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Itchin' On A Photograph

Cream and Black Heart Print Top- Forever 21
Light Blue Bandage Skirt- Forever 21

Hey guys!  I actually just realized that both of these items were purchased at Forever 21, so I'm going to talk about that store today.  In my opinion, Forever 21 is either a big hit....or a huge miss.  One week you will go in there and they will have adorable, for the most part good quality items, but the next everything will be in the wrong sizes, in the wrong places, and in the wrong style.  Mostly, it depends day and what time of day you go in and if they just received a big shipment. For instance, if you go in there mid-day on a Saturday, I guarantee you that it will not be a quick trip.  Oh, one last thing: I was really exited when I got this skirt because it is one of those things that literally goes with half of my closet.  I'm telling y'all, those solid colored pencil style miniskirts have endless options! 


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