Monday, July 2, 2012

Black Stripes and Boboli Gardens

Black and White Striped Sweater- Black House White Market

Ciao ragazzi! For all of my outfits I wore on this trip I didn't quite have any sort of 'inspiration'; I had to pre-pick everything I planned to wear as I packed for the trip.  However, weather can very well infuence the final look of any outfit, so that was what I mainly kept in mind as I packed for Italy.  During June, the weather in Italy can fluctuate a lot; one day it will be scorching hot and the next you will be wearing jeans and a sweater.  This day was a happy median between the two extremes-the perfect weather to wear capris and a sweater that you can take off as the day progresses and it gets hotter. 

The first place we went was Villa Bardini.  These are beautiful gardens that used to belong to Florence's very first antique dealer.  In the middle of the gardens we discovered a loggia that had been transformed into a little restaurant, which is where we ended up eating lunch.  The loggia overlooks Florence, giving the spectators an alluring and clear view of the whole city of Florence. 
We proceeded along the gardens to find the little passageway that connects Villa Bardini to the Boboli Gardens.  The gardens there were just as beautiful as the ones in Villa Bardini, however, they were much more crowded as they are a more popular site for both tourists and locals to visit.

Views on the way to the Boboli Gardens
Boboli Gardens

Boboli Gardens (didn't take many pictures...sorry!)

We didn't have a plan for the rest of the day so we walked around Florence looking at the piazze, the shops, and famous archetechture.
Santo Spirito
(Renaissance church...the facade was never finished)
Shoe maker's store...makes custom shoes to this day!

Gucci Showroom

I think I found my future vehicle! :)

As we headed home after our long day of adventures, we drove past Piazzale Michelangelo and spontaniously decided to hop out of the car and look at the undescribable view.  While we were there we found out that the Cinquecento Club was having one of their parties.  All of the club members tricked out cars were on display, and we even got to go inside one of them!
A presto!
View form Piazzale Michelangelo
Pizzale Michelangelo Cinquecento Club

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