Sunday, March 4, 2012


Knit Black and Metallic Top-EXPRESS
White Ruffle Zipper Flats
Silver Metal Heart Belt

Hey everyone!  In this picture I am about to head off to my friend's birthday party...everyone was wearing jeans and a shirt so I wasn't under nor over dressed.  I really like these knit tops that Express carries because they are so easy to dress up or down and can be simply converted from a day to night ensemble.  If you like it you can find it here!  Buona notte guys!

Off To See The Wizard

Black Trench coat
White Tank top
Pink Skirt- Macy's
Pink Flower Hairpiece

This outfit was for going downtown to see the play The Wizard of Oz!  I wanted to be a bit whimsical so I used the over sized flower hairpiece as a pin for my coat....great way to dress up your outfit or make it a little girlier!  A presto,

Roc Kandy

Leather Jacket- Italy
White ruffled tank top
Embellished belt- J. Crew
Black skirt- H&M
Black combat boots-DSW

Wow, this was the most last minute outfit EVER!  Notice how I used my "closet musts" as a 'last-minute-outfit resource.  Never fails ;)  Ciao,